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We offer a full suite of services for all aspects of digital marketing!

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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, expert designs and last but certainly not least our interesting ability to be very comeptive in the prices of our services.

*Please note that these prices will change after consultation and scope of work is defined*

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

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It is no surprise that the best business has the best branding and the best branding will lead to better customer recognition, higher customer loyalty and high advertising effectiveness. Your brand is more than your logo and fonts, it’s your personality and goals all wrapped up in one. So, it should be crafty and effective!

 We can manage every aspect of your brand, from your logo, social media and website to a full brand Identity.

Social Media Management

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All of us consumers turn to social media when looking for a product and service and as such a vibrant and information page will mean the difference between your company getting the business versus your competitors.

So, let us create this masterpiece for you!

Video Editing

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In making your brand stand out a snapshot into your brand will make you stand out and videos facilitate this.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words, let us express these words for you.

Search Engine Optimization

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SEO is not something to overlook. Search engines employ specific algorithms and KPIs to direct online traffic to one site or another.

We are the experts in applying qualifying SEO to your website (s)

Copywriting & Content Creation

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We will create exceptional content for your websites and social media pages, while paying keen attention to the copywriting laws.

Copyright law protects creative expression by giving the creator an exclusive right to copy and distribute a creative work.

Trust us with your content!

Website Maintenance

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We not only create your websites but we will also apply our expertise in maintaining it.

Website Development

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Your website isn’t just an information service, it’s the main point of contact between your business and your market and first impressions can make or break your market. So, it has to be managed properly in order to be the primary driver for your business to reach new markets and to generate business.  

 We craft designs and develop websites that are in line with your strategic goals that will set your communication levels with your audience on fire. We have the solutions and skills that will give you the help you need. 

Print Designs & Marketing

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Some may think that the internet destroyed print, but it didn’t, in fact it just made it more interesting! Brochures, posters, billboards and print ads has a massive audience with unrivalled accessibility.  

 Fire Design Agency, knows how to make your print marketing material more aesthetically appealing by putting the fire in your print. In order to make this happen we will work with you from beginning to end to ensure that your designs make the right impact with your target audience. 

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